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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bostic victim of Harrisburg chainsaw massacre

Site of the Harrisburg chainsaw massacre.

I experienced the honey-do project from hell a couple weekends ago.

My wife decided to do away with a pear tree in our backyard. She used a handsaw to cut off all the branches, leaving a 5-foot section of main truck for me to hack down.

As far as honey-do projects go, this one looked pretty easy even though I had no experience using a chainsaw. Actually, I was looking forward to revving up the saw and turning the tree into dust in no time flat.

Then, one of Satan's minions showed up ...

It took about three hours and four roundtrips to the local Ace Hardware store to fell the puny tree trunk and cut it up. (Actually, this was a six-trip job if you count pickup and return of the rental saw.)

Two trips were needed to overcome a dull chain, plus two more trips because I couldn’t get the damn saw started after refueling.

Things got ugly after the third trip. The store clerk confirmed that the saw would start, but I couldn’t get it going in the backyard. The starter cord kept getting jammed after pulling it out about five inches.

A classic temper tantrum ensued. I took off my hat and threw it no the ground in a style reminiscent of former pro baseball managers Billy Martin and Earl Weaver. I kicked the ground several times, and serenaded my neighborhood with a few primal screams.

My teenaged daughter watched the meltdown from the safety of our sunroom, and apparently enjoyed seeing her old man act like a flaming idiot.

The store clerk rescued me from Satan's grip on store trip #4 by diagnosing what I was doing wrong.

I can't remember the last time something pissed me off to such a high degree. It took me two days for my body and mind to recover from being the victim of this chainsaw massacre.

Next up: installing a wash pole to replace the tree. Anyone want to help?
Originally posted March 28, 2006. The wash pole was cemented in place without incident.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Too many jean cuts

The plethora of options available in U.S. retail stores can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Take buying jeans, for example …

Two of the four pairs of jeans in my closet we’re in sad shape – material in the thigh area almost nonexistent and ripped in one, and a hole and a blown out pocket in the other. (If you think these jeans are just getting in … like … you know … good condition, you’re more than welcome to go dumpster diving at my place.)

I went to Kohl’s in search of some new jeans. I had way too many options to choose from – original, regular, slim, loose, comfort, straight, relaxed, boot cut, and last but not least, the ever popular “low.”

I tried on over a half dozen pairs in my size before finding a cut that matched my shape – Levi’s Comfort Fit 560 ™ Jeans.

No, I didn’t try on a “low” model.
Originally posted Nov. 19, 2005.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Less is Best – The UnAmerican Dream

Nobody needs a 6,000 or 4,000 square foot house or a 2,000 square foot house. What you need is a little thing just big enough to have your body with a roof over it.
- Jeff Paul, extremely successful direct marketing expert

I believe most Americans are caught up in a perpetual race to see who can accumulate the biggest pile of stuff. “Bigger is better” seems to be the unofficial national motto.

Well, I’ve decided not to play this game. “Less is best’ is my motto.

Here’s my dream lifestyle: Beyond the standard necessities of life, I’d be happy living in a trailer and driving a beater. Better yet, I’d replace the car for a good pair of running shoes and a bike.

Why would anyone desire such an unAmerican lifestyle?

NOTE: This is the first of a series of posts from the BB archives.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quick BB update

More good stuff is coming soon, including oldies but goodies from the archives.

I've been busy with a side project. Plus, I'm still looking for a new voice to replace the one that was screaming during my political blogging days.

Thanks for checking in, and please come back.